Friday, November 25, 2011

Heritage Badge (for Sec 2s) :)

Hi Sec 2 Guides! :D

You all will have to complete this Heritage Badge this year :)

Deadline: Hand in by Dec Camp :) (COMPULSORY)

Title: Tracing your family or someone's family tree

End Product: Scrapbook

1.Family tree - at least 4 generations including you

2.About 100 words description of each generation Eg: The love story between your father and mother or the career path of you aunt. The career path of your uncle. The childhood of yourself.

3.At least 10 photographs (photocopied) with short description. Eg: A birthday celebration for your cousin at the Sentosa beach.

If you have any questions, you can ask Jaf Qi QM or Zhi Yun QM. Thank you ~ :)

~ QMs :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Helpers needed! :D

Hi Guides :DD

There is a Clean and Green School Carnival coming up, and our school will be participating in the Best Booth Display Competition. Although this is not a guides event, Mrs Jo Tan hopes that we could help her! :D

So I'll need your help! :D We will be setting up a booth at ITE College West. Helpers are needed to help gather materials needed for the booth, decorate the booth and also mend it. :) This is a 3-day event, starting on the 8th Nov to 10th Nov.

On the 8th Nov, your will need to help set up and man the booth :)
On the 9th and 10th Nov, your will need to help mend the booth from 9am - 5pm :)

Fear not! There will be shifts for the 9th and 10th Nov :)
Shift 1: 9am - 12pm
Shift 2: 12pm - 2pm
Shift 3: 2pm - 5pm

So I'll need as many guides as possible to help out! Since it's the holidays, why not take a break from school work! So volunteer your help okay :D

If you are interested, either sms Lexin or me and tell us your name, class and which day and shift you all will be able to help out. We'll notify you again of the confirmed timing! :)


[PS: Sec 3s will not be able to join your T.T because we will need to prepare for our O-level Chinese exams which is on the 10th Nov. So we will a lot a lot a lot of help! JOIN JOIN JOIN :D]

~ Catherine :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Retest for 5point test

Hi Guides! This concerns Sec 1s and 2s.

For those who have not taken the test(s), please report at the concourse at 12.30 pm on tuesday, 25 oct.
You can just wear the attire you came to school in.



Sunday, October 16, 2011

5 point test

Hey Guides!

This concerns both Sec 1s and 2s. Please report at the concourse at 1.30pm on Wednesday for your 5-point tests.

For Sec 1s, please STUDY: Community 1.1-1.5, International 1.1-1.2.

For Sec 2s, please STUDY: Community 2.1-2.4.

Thanks:D See you soon:)


Saturday, October 15, 2011

End of year camp dates

Hi Guides,

It been so long since i last posted and now EOY exams are already over, hope all of you did well :)
so soon enough, end of year camp is coming too :DD
the dates for end of year camp is 19, 20 and 21 Dec. It will be a day camp, timing is 7-6pm on the 19 and 20 dec while on 21 dec, it ends at 11am. Please keep yourself free on these 3 days. Consent form will be issue next week.

Pls also note that there will be NO guides activity these 2 weeks.

As for the sec 1, pls keep yourself free on the 21oct, 3-4.30pm as you all will need to attend a crime prevention programme in order to get the badge. ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY. Consent form will also be distributed next week.


Friday, September 23, 2011

East Division Day Details :))

Hi Guides!! :DD

For tmr's East Division Day, please report to Bedok South Secondary School by 8.20am :D
Duration: 8.30am - 1pm
Attire: Guides half-u (Grey shirt, blue skirt, white socks, neatly pinned fringe, fingernails cut, etc.) For those of you who are in dance, cheering, fashion show, you can just report in your costumes :)
Meet at where: Bedok South Sec Sch canteen :)
Things you need to bring: Everything that you'll need for your individual category?? :)

There will be no transport provided, so you all may need to meet up on your own and go there tgt :)

How to go there?? :O,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1280&bih=636&wrapid=tlif131678022298710&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=bedok+south+secondary+school+map&fb=1&gl=sg&hq=south+secondary+school&hnear=0x31da22b3f6775ba5:0xb574a65906986f0f,Bedok&cid=0,0,11732437201843913973&ei=03h8Tue_Co20rAf8v93sDw&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CAQQ_BI
If you are taking MRT, alight at Tanah Merah (green line) and walk out of the MRT underpass (turn left after you ride the escalator down) :)
You will then see a bus stop, where the back of the bus stop is somehow a forest. (Note: both sides of the MRT have bus stops).
Walk straight through the bus stop, on that long pathway, and then turn right and continue walking straight.
You will walk past a highway (I mean a road that is going uphill, with bungalows around the road), and then a temple. And then you'll reach the school! :D

I'm not sure if the side gate is open. But you can walk through the main gate, which is where you will need to turn right when you see the school, walk uphill and then you will see the big gate :D

Guides, EDD is an annual event and it is important to us because it determines the PNA award that we'll get next year. So, I hope you all will put in your 101% effort and work hard in the category that you all are competing in! :D I'm sure your can do it!!!!! :DD


~ Catherine :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sec 1 Reader's Badge :D

Hi sec1 guides :D!

I know I stated in the very initial post that the due date for the Reader’s Badge is 16th September, but since CCA has stand down already, I won’t be seeing you guys, hence it would be a hassle for me and a trouble for you‘all to track me and submit your worksJ….

Therefore, please submit your works on East Division Day instead! For those who have handed in, thanks a lot! To those who were absent on the reading aloud test day, don’t worry, the re-test will be conducted after exams~

Here’s the criteria again, available for you’all to check your work or finish them up: :D

Each reflection/synopsis must be at least 300 words. All reflections must be typed and printed for submission. (For criteria 1 and 2)

1. Read a storybook written by any Western author of their choice. Write a short reflection/synopsis on the chosen book.
2. Read these 2 online books that are related to Scouting/Guiding and write a short synopsis/reflection on both books.

“History of Girl Guides Singapore – Milestones & Achievements”

“History of Girl Guides Singapore – Chronological View”

3. Read books with different headings (at least 4 out of 6) out of the following:
- Science/nature
- Travel/exploration
- A foreign country
- History
- Biography
- A book of poems

Submit a synopsis/summary of not more than 200 words for each of the chosen 4 books. All the 4 synopsis/summary should be typed and printed on not more than one A4 page.

See all of you on this coming SaturdayJ! Good luck for EOY!

Long time no see, QMs and AQMs <3